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Rainer Zink
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An interview with Rainer Zink
Hi! Who are you?
My name is Rainer Zink and I develop shoes for brand names.
As a shoe designer?
As a license partner. 

So what exactly does a licence partner do?
A licence partner has brand expertise. And also acts as an interface between sales and production.

So you do everything?
Well, not on my own, of course. But being responsible for everything means being in control of everything. That is the only way to ensure the very best quality. 

Why shoes?
Without shoes a fashion band is incomplete. Shoes also play a vital role in the overall image of a brand. And it is always about the brand.

But every brand is different?
That's what makes it so important to capture the individual spirit of a brand and to interpret it properly.

And to create shoes from that insight.
Or bags.

So you make bags?
As a licence partner, brand specialist and interface to ...

Yes, yes. 
Shoes and bags are always individual products. They demand a great deal of expertise and craftsmanship which is why it is essential to be able to rely on a good network.

And what is your credo?
Perfect German brand expertise. No ifs and buts.

Sounds good.
It is. Because at the end of the day it is always about the perfect interplay between all areas and the global understanding of a brand.

So outside all language barriers.
We are all about international brands, and know as a global licence partner exactly what is important. Our language is quality. And that is something everyone everywhere can understand.
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